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Metcalfe Co. Elementary School – Edmonton, KY

Located in Owensboro, RBS Design Group is one of the oldest and largest locally owned architectural firms. Founded in 1978, RBS Design Group has established a reputation for being a service-based, creative design-oriented and award winning architecture firm of educational, religious, civic, athletic and commercial facilities throughout Kentucky.

Founded in 1978 by Otto Ranney, an Owensboro architect, the firm has transformed throughout our 42-year history to accommodate growth and to better serve our clients. Mr. Ranney and Architect Terry Blake joined to form Ranney and Blake Architects in 1979. Ranney and Blake merged with Strehl Engineering in 1984, at which time the firm became known as Ranney Blake & Strehl, Architecture and Engineering. In 1995, Mike Ranney joined the partnership and later that same year Ranney Blake and Strehl merged with Ivy/Thomas to become RBS Design Group Architecture, PSC. In 2006, our founder Otto Ranney retired, followed by Terry Blake’s retirement in 2009.

Our small, creative, responsive and innovative team has over 200 years’ experience in all phases of architecture design – from master planning to regular site visits to writing specs to finalizing the punch list. Our Principals are directly involved in each and every project from Concept to Completion, and each project is assigned a unique Project Coordinator. RBS Design Group is dedicated to providing our clients with:

  • Great Service
  • Excellent Value
  • Innovative Solutions
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