District Facility Plans


Since the implementation of KERA, the Kentucky Department of Education has required that each school district review the conditions of its facilities and generate a list of unmet needs every four years. It is requireded that schools acquirer the services of a licensed architect/engineer  to complete the facility survey for their district.

The information gathered during the planning process allows districts to assess their construction needs and create a plan of action. District Facility Plans must include:

  • Building Analysis
  • Inventories
  • Pricing
  • Construction Prioritization

District Facility Plans play a large role in allowing schools to access funds that are restricted for school Capital Construction and Major Renovation projects.

Since 1978 RBS has worked with numerous school districts and completed hundreds of District Facility Plans. Our experienced staff will work with your district to clearly identify your facilities needs and outline a direct plan of action for improvements to each facility.

RBS Design Group Architecture has completed facility surveys for over 30 School Districts.  We take pride in completing comprehensive district facility plans that can be used to help identify key district needs. We understand the important role that facility plans play in the funding of building projects and we do our best to provide a comprehensive plan that allows for your district to address the most critical areas of improvement and design the best solution for moving forward with your facilities.

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