RBS Design Group has a philosophy that is focused on successfully meeting the specific architectural design needs of each client.  We do this by sitting down with each client and learning more about your organization’s background, what your design goals are and most importantly what function(s) will your new facility serve.  Our unique one-on-one client approach allows for our design team to:

-Design for your specific program needs: We make a concentrated effort to understand what your facility is going to be used for and design according to its specific function(s).  We design for the people who will be working in, and visiting, the facility and attempt to understand the relationships required to create functional facility spaces.

-Design for your specific location: Every area has its own unique architectural language and environment.  We attempt to interpret these elements into our designs, whether it is an historic restoration, renovation, adaptive reuse or new construction.  Our goal is to design a facility hat fits into your community.

-Assess your specific location: We will assist in the investigation of your site for any specific site issues (soils, earthquakes, environmental barriers, topography and existing surroundings).  Our intent is to provide you with enough information to make informed decisions throughout the entire process.

-Design for Actual Budget Requirements: We make every effort to design a program that will stay within the allotted budget. This requires years of experience in maintaining a good balance between area, materials, finishes, and planning properly for any possible contingencies. We are also very familiar with phased construction planning, allowing RBS to create a long-term phased approach that will meet your vision for developing a space that will match your construction funding.

-Design for Clarity/Function: We aim to create a design that will work for your specific situation(s).  We know the importance of understanding daily workflow needs, the relationship of required spaces and having involved user input in creating our design solutions. We strive to create spaces that improve the overall work environment and staff productivity.

-Design for Regular Maintenance: We design facilities that can be easily maintained. Our preferred mechanical systems are simple in function and will allow for easy and regular maintenance.



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