Principals & Staff

RBS Design Group has been meeting the architectural design needs of Central and Western Kentucky since 1978.

The  RBS Design Group Principals are the second generation of leaders for RBS Design Group.

Our organization has transformed itself several times throughout our 34 year history to accommodate for organizational growth.

  • 1978-Otto M. Ranney Architect
  • 1979-Ranney and Blake Architecture
  • 1984-Ranney, Blake and Strehl Architecture and Engineering
  • 1995-RBS Design Group Architecture, PSC.

Our current Principal architects carry with them a strong tradition of providing exceptional and innovative architectural design services and a hands-on client approach.

Our Principal Architects, Project Coordinators, Technical and Administrative staff work hard to maintain the standard of service and to achieve RBS Design Group’s mission, which is:

“To assist our clients in reaching their architectural goals while providing an enjoyable and profitable workplace”.

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