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RBS Design Group received an OUTSTANDING MIDDLE SCHOOL DESIGN award in 2003 for their work on Muhlenburg North Middle School.

Muhlenberg County Schools-Muhlenberg North Middle School


Muhlenberg County Schools acquired the educational architectural design services of RBS Design Group for renovations and an addition to Muhlenberg North Middle School.

Bold colors and dramatic lines were used to enhance school pride when entering this space. Bulkheads and lighting enhanced the easy location of different areas of the school yet created an open and bright interior.

This 65,000 square feet addition and renovation was completed in four phases. New classrooms and the addition of an administrative suite were constructed during the first phase. The demolition of an existing classroom wing and the addition of a 12,000 square feet kitchen, cafeteria, gymnasium and lobby area were completed during the second and third phases.  The fourth and final phase of the construction process focused on converting the old existing kitchen/cafeteria area into new classroom spaces.


Client Representative(s)

  • Dale Todd, Superintendent


  • Venture Contracting, Inc.
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