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RBS Design Group received an OUTSTANDING ELEMENTARY SCHOOL DESIGN award in 2006 for their work on North Hancock Elementary.

Hancock County Schools-North Hancock Elementary


The Hancock County Schools acquired the educational architectural design services of RBS Design Group for the new North Hancock Elementary School.

The new 73,000 square foot elementary school houses Preschool through fifth grade students from the cities of Hawesville and Lewisport.

This single story structure features a secured front entry with a captivating faux skylight in the entrance lobby, a state-of-the-art media center, music room, art room,  gymnasium and a geothermal heating/cooling system. The cafeteria features a glass wall that provides students with exterior views of the grounds, and a large statue of the school’s mascot greets guests upon arrival.


Client Representative(s)

  • Kyle Estes, Superintendent


  • Badgett Constructors, LLC
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