Energy Star

Clarkson Elementary received the Energy Star Award for operation of an energy efficient facility.

Grayson County Schools-Clarkson Elementary


Grayson County Schools acquired the architectural design services of RBS Design Group to design the new 75,600 square feet Clarkson Elementary School.  The new Clarkson Elementary facility replaces the existing older school, and can now house up to 650 PK-5 students.  The existing facility remained in use during construction.

Clarkson Elementary features 43 classrooms, including 2 Preschool classrooms, 26 elementary classrooms, 2 Special Education classrooms, music rooms, and a computer lab.  The office suite includes staff and Guidance Counselor offices, a Family Resource Area, and conference room.

Client Representative(s)

  • Barry Anderson, Superintendent


  • Venture Contracting, Inc.
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