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RBS Design Group received an OUTSTANDING ELEMENTARY SCHOOL DESIGN award from American School and University in 2010 for their design of North Jackson Elementary.

Barren County Schools-North Jackson Elementary


Barren County Schools acquired the architectural design services of RBS Design Group to design the new 48,000 square feet North Jackson Elementary School.  The new facility will meet the growing needs of the student population and will increase student capacity from 400 to 500 P-6 students.

North Jackson Elementary features 29 classrooms, a 3,100 square feet library, a 5,200 square feet kitchen/cafeteria and a 7,000 square feet gymnasium.  The office suite includes staff and Guidance Counselor offices, a Family Resource Area, a workroom and a conference room.


Client Representative(s)

  • Bo Matthews, Superintendent


  • Venture Contracting, Inc.
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