Ribbon Cutting Held For Barren County Schools ATC Addition

September 19, 2019 Skilling students up: BC Schools cuts ribbon on diesel shop


GLASGOW, Ky. – Barren County Schools cut the ribbon on another building at Trojan campus yesterday. The school system introduced its new diesel shop.

The project comes after a $6.8 million grant was given to the Barren County Area Technology Center. Principal of the Barren County ATC Ashley Burd says the money is from a Work Ready Skills grant and collaboration among many people.

Burd says students and industry were asked questions to get a better idea of what was needed.

“This diesel shop is a result of talking to industry, talking to our community members, talking to our students – and how can we better serve you to meet the needs of our economy in Glasgow and the Barren County area?” Burd says. “What can we do to better prepare students for the workforce? What are some jobs we’re not preparing the kids for? They came up with diesel mechanic.”

Burd says she is looking forward to having the asset. She tells WCLU News part of the influence to build a diesel shop was due to a job shortage in the area.

Superintendent of Barren County Schools Bo Matthews says the process of getting the funding was community-wide.  In fact, Barren County students aren’t the only students who will use the shop.

“You don’t find very many places in the state of Kentucky, plus we got to equip every single shop here in the Area Technology Center with new equipment,” Matthews says. “Being able to do that for our students – you know it’s awesome for those here now, but this will impact students for generations to come.”

Matthews tells WCLU News students across districts like Glasgow Independent Schools and Hart County will use the shop.

“I hope this creates a pipeline for an immediate need in our community. There are skilled jobs in the area of auto, heavy equipment, diesel mechanics, that are unfilled and ready to be filled by our local business community right now,” Matthews says. “They’re ready to partner with us. They’ve signed the line. They’re ready for our students to spend time in the workplace. We’re going to skill them up and get them ready to go to work, if they choose to do so, right after high school.”

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