Metcalfe Board Moves Forward with Construction Plans

July 9, 2015

Edmonton KY – The Metcalfe County Board of Education voted unanimously at Tuesday’s special called meeting to take the next step in construction/renovation of the Metcalfe Elementary School. Bids were awarded on several packages that will allow for construction to begin as soon as final approval is granted by the department of education. In addition, a bid was awarded that will allow for temporary access roads to be constructed prior to this school year. This will allow for a better flow of parent and bus traffic as the construction process begins. Funding for the project was approved as well.

School Board Chairman Joey Shive shared the following from the boards’ point of view. “It is a responsibility we as a board don’t take lightly when we authorize the expenditure of this amount of money. We truly look at it as an investment in the future of our county and certainly an investment in our children.” The board authorized a bond sale of $5.8 million to cover the cost of the project. A representative of the bonding agency Ross, Sinclair, and Associates was on hand at the meeting. “I think the district, by choosing to renovate and add to existing structures instead of going with all new construction, has put itself several years ahead of schedule on future facility needs” said Bob Tarvin, investment advisor with RSA.

The final plans call for an addition of 17 total classrooms including grade level and resource rooms. The grade of the construction site as well as the fact it was connecting two existing structures proved to be quite a challenge. “From an architectural and engineering point of view we spent more than a few days trying to figure out how to make it fit while holding down on expansive site work as well as not having to rely on steps throughout the structure. It was refreshing to have a good working relationship with school and district officials and we planned the project” exclaimed Jeannie Cannon, lead architect on the project from RBS Design Group.

MCES Principal Michael Gill spoke to the excitement and challenges ahead. “We are really happy that construction will finally begin and we know that a year from now we will be under one roof in a new facility. At the same time, we understand the coming school year will be one where we will need patience on the part of parents, staff and students, as we change our main entrance and our parent pick up plans. We have already started communicating this and will continue to do so up until the time school begins” said Gill. Tim Geegan of Alliance Corporation who is serving as the construction manager on the project concurred with Mr. Gill. “This year will be a bit of a challenge, but we at Alliance will work closely with the district to ensure all aspects of the site are as safe and secure as possible. In the end we really feel this is a good project and we feel Metcalfe County Schools will get a quality product.”

School Superintendent Benny Lile summed it up with these comments. “When this project is complete every student in Metcalfe County will be housed in a relatively modern building. We will be especially relieved to have our third through fifth grade students in a secure and environmentally friendly structure. I appreciate all parties that have worked together to develop a quality plan that ultimately came in within budget.”

Construction updates will be posted regularly on the district web site and via the district Facebook page.
*Article Source is the Metcalfe County Schools Website

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