Franklin Simpson High School Music Suite Complete

FSHS unveils new music suite

Published: Thursday, February 13, 2014 4:37 PM CST

Franklin-Simpson High School held a ribbon cutting ceremony Tuesday, Feb. 11 for its new music suite. Construction on the new band and chorale rooms first began July 3 and was completed Dec. 20. The chorus and band were able to begin using the room after Christmas break.

“It’s awesome,” said band director Scott Ragland. “I like the flat foors as opposed to the tiers that we used to have. It is new, nice, and brings a certain amount of pride.”

There are 51 members currently in the FSHS pep band. Add that to approximately 70 middle schoolers who use the room, and there are around 120 students who inhabit the space every week. Storage rooms and cabinets were constructed to store their many instruments.

Jim Flynn, Superintendent of Simpson County Schools, said that the finished project is the result of a long process which was part of a larger facility plan.

“This was part of our district facility plan, which included input from lots of different sources,” he said. “The funds which made this possible were restricted and only for construction purposes.”

The project enabled FSHS to complete a long-standing goal of connecting the entire school under one roof. Students will no longer have to go outside to get to anywhere within the school.

“We’ve been on a mission to make our campus high quality; a place where students can come learn and be safe,” said Flynn.

The project also highlighted an emphasis placed by the school system on the arts.

“The arts are a very important part of our education plan,” said Flynn. “We want to make sure we have good facilities for all educational aspects, including the arts.”

Ragland said the administration has been helpful throughout the process.

“Dr. Flynn and the Board of Education have been very supportive and gotten us what we needed,” he said.

The finished project was the first of a two-phase building plan for the arts department of FSHS. Phase two is the construction of a theater. There is no immediate timeline for that project, but it will be connected to the new gym once completed.

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