Marshall County Health Department repairs going as planned

Marshall Health department repairs going as planned


Oct 14, 2013

Marshall County Health Department employees are looking forward to the spring when they expect to pack up their cluttered Benton offices and move to a new, state-of-the-art building.

“We think this will all work out and everyone is starting to get excited,” interim director Tina McCormick said of the move. “We see maybe it’s going to happen now: Employees were disappointed in fall 2011 when they learned that the nearly finished large brick building along the U.S. 641 bypass did not meet state building codes and Americans with Disability Act regulations, forcing the project back to the drawing board for repairs.

The board of health approved more than $2 million in construction bids in April for Marshall County-based Pinnacle Inc. to make the necessary repairs to bring the building up to code.

Crews have been working for the past several months on the project. which McCormick said is moving along smoothly, according to the contractors.

McCormick said the new building is set to be closed up in the next few weeks.

The contractors said the interior work then can begin.

She said staff members are now eagerly awaiting the building’s completion, which is slated for March, with occupancy planned for April.

The current headquarters, located in downtown Benton in a much smaller and older space, is more crowded than usual, McCormick said, with all of the moving materials stacked up in the offices.

“We are wall to wall,” she said “We bought things we need to take to the building. It’s kind of crowded, even more than if it were the normal clinic.

The board’s reserve fund covered the cost of the repairs, which was tacked onto the more than $4 million already spent.

The health department runs on funds collected through a special taxing district. Officials hope to recover all or most of the costs through a pending lawsuit against the former engineer, construction company and insurance and bonding agents.

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*This article was first published in the Paducah Sun on October 14, 2013.  RBS Design Group Architecture has been working with the Marshall County Health Department board on repairs to this building and has altered spaces to meet the requirements necessary to open the new facility.

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